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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Affordable search engine optimisation service, website success through SEO marketing
Start working with the internet search engines and communicate to your customers more effectively with precise SEO marketing

Magic Beans can offer an optimising service on top of your new or existing website. This service will enable your website to attain better search engine results in Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

The majority of our optimising is termed "Organic SEO"; it consists of a combination of techniques which are applied to your website to improve its ranking. The other application is called "backlinking"* which is any exterior sources that point to your website. We can create backlinking campaigns (Business Indexing Campaigns) to suit any budget.

Many simple SEO techniques can become powerful tools towards forging a successful online presence; some of these are listed below.

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Some things to consider about SEO

  • Body content enhancement
  • Inboundlinks (backlinking campaigns)
  • Anchor text optimization
  • Outbound linking
  • Website title corrections
  • Internal link restructuring
  • Heading tag formatting
  • Keyword density analysis and additions / corrections
  • Adding a sitemap HTML & XML
  • Meta tag formatting
  • Title tag formatting
  • W3C validating
  • Business indexing
  • Blogging
  • Social Networking
  • Tactical domain deployment
  • Google validation and website submitting
  • Google Analytics install and analyse / monitoring
  • Google Places (Maps) listing
  • Google+ page
  • Download speed, analysis and corrections
  • Page renaming / structuring
  • Tactical page implementation
Website SEO diagram and structure of search engine requirements for page 1 success

To find out more or receive your FREE SEO analysis, contact Magic Beans today - 01780 844 410 -

Organic search engine optimisation - what is it all about?

How to get a return investment from organic seo campaign
The type of search engine optimisation we apply is called "Organic SEO"; a term used to describe all unpaid attempts to improve a website's appearance in the internet search engines. It will consist of many necessary techniques which build upon the existing content of your site, enhancing its appeal to search engines and demanding greater responses from your specific target audience.

Although it is considered to be one of the best investments for your website's future, achieved SEO results cannot be guaranteed; as the way search engines prioritise websites is constantly in flux. However, from our experience it is well worth the effort and cost as the benefits can have lasting effects. Over many years of observation on SEO theory and practice, we have seen websites shoot up the rankings in a matter of weeks - defying all wide-spread myths! As long as the optimising is applied correctly, you should see your site climbing the ladder. Mostly, it is a waiting game and you will need to be patient, while your new additions and adjustments propagate and build strength and trust throughout the internet.

How much does it cost to optimise a website?

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