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Preparing Content for a Graphic Designer

Tin Can Phone Communication with graphic designer
Save time and money on your project with this simple document!

Setting a consistent standard for content coming over to Magic Beans will save you time, possible stress and money - guaranteed!

Follow these simple top tips:
  • Keep things simple and try to avoid complicated instructions
    Directives can get "lost in translation" quite easily - so keep it simple and logical. We appreciate very basic instructions where possible, so don’t think that you are talking down to us with any explicit instructions - we won't take it to heart
  • So, you want to make many changes to your website?!
    The easiest way to provide us with numerous changes to text etc is, to simply copy the text from your website to a Word Document. If you have never done this before then, follow the steps in this video below. (if you would like us to do this for you just holler )
  • E-mailing Efficiency
    E-mails are the preferred way of communicating to us here, but where possible, compile your e-mails with 'To Do List'. It can get confusing when many messages come through with topics stretching over various emails and days/weeks. You might like to download Skype if you prefer a more conversation involvement, it makes file transfers, delivering of instructions and conversations much quicker! Some of our customers prefer to phone through their changes, which is a great way to get a job done ASAP. Don't be shy - feel free to call through ANYTIME, if this is easier for you - It is really not a problem (we might be busy but we mostly can pause what we are doing to make your corrections)
  • Post us all your files
    Lots of misused time/money can be eaten up reworking design that we have already completed, as the customer rediscovers better content along the way. Similarly, having to sorting and store files from various emails, skypes and online storage accounts etc. The best practise by far is, to post your files to us on a USB stick, which can be nicely pre-sorted into folders and directories.
  • The Power of Microsoft Word
    We just LOVE a Word document. We can save it to your folder quickly. You can edit it easier than an e-mail, with precisely embedded images, links and text, allowing for better interpretation of your ideas! We can also send the file back and forth if we are prepping content together.
  • Colour is King
    We find when editing large amounts of text with various changes, to adopt a colour legend; using green to add some text and red to take some text away and links to other web pages in blue etc. This can save much editing time, as we have to reformat entire pages if the minor changes have not been highlighted (regarding websites this can save much time).
  • PDF is best
    Did you know?! That you can add Sticky Notes in your PDFs when reviewing our print documents?! Simply, right click where you want to make a comment and add Sticky Note - it’s amazingly quick and easier to process information for correction. The same can be applied to comment on your website if you can save it to PDF via the Print Screen command!
PDF Sticky Notes
  • russian understanding
    Naming makes for good aiming
    What can make great sense to you might look completely Russian to us, so the precise naming of your folders, images and documents is vital! We deal with so many files here that, any assistance from the customer helps massively to avoid confusion / delays with follow up calls and emails.
  • Image Size
    We mostly need the biggest and best, original image size possible. Check the file size and send us the largest one. View the properties of the image if you are unsure, and observe the file size; (MB, Megabytes, Meg) is better, (KB, Killer bytes, Bytes) is worse. We can repair some bad or small images but seek the largest for good measure!
  • Image Quality
    We have to make many reworking’s to bad imagery, from minutes to hours and the time/cost can really add up! Bad quality and old photos can add to the workload and really pull down the overall look of your product(s). From experience, it can be very beneficial to hire a professional photographer to come in and supply you with quality imagery, your customer experience will be GREATLY improved, saving you much time and money in the long run.
  • Avoid DIY Photo Editing
    Let us perfect your imagery! We have be doing it for years and know some amazing techniques to transform "the bad" to "the good". It can be very tempting to adjust photos before you send them to us, but remember, your original image can never be repaired if you used bad software and uncalibrated screens!
  • The Correct File Formats
    We work on Windows here, so avoid sending us Apple only formats like Pages and Keynote etc; convert the files to "Windows Compatible" beforehand. For images we prefer .JPG or .JPEG to keep the file size down but feel free to send us, .PNG, .TIFF and .EPS.


    For LARGE Artwork Jobs (To be printed bigger then 30cm)
    You must source the largest / scalable file size possible. For images ie. photos or "rasta" / pixel based artwork (.GIF, .JPEG, .PNG, .TIFF, .PSD), the rule is; your file will scale only 400% (at 300dpi) from the original size or the quality will suffer. Regarding vector artwork, normally used with a company logo, scaling is limitless. Vector artwork must be suppled in EPS or Adobe Illustrator (.AI), we would prefer both if you can get them as complications can occur (ask your client at the earliest opportunity for these files, as they can be hard to acquire at short notice!!!).