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The Man Behind the 'Magic'

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Antony White and I am the creator and soul owner of Magic Beans Design & Marketing

I am a forward-thinking professional who is passionate about creating art and success for business. I first started my design and marketing career in print design, creating logos and point of sale items for music companies, garden centres and archecticts. As the Internet took root in the late 1990s I started to develop and expand my knowledge of it.

I have been interested in design and technology throughout my life and am always eager to explore the "new" and its possibilities for better communication within businesses. As a creative individual from as far back as I can remember, I have built up an extensive understanding of visual mediums, a diverse marketing language, together with the tools necessary in developing mine and my customers businesses. Throughout my artistic development, I have had the opportunity to study at some prestigious art institutions around the country, attaining many respected qualifications in this period including a Guildhall Diploma and a BA with Honours in Art & Design to name but a few.

I have been developing the Magic Beans concept for over 16 years now and I take great pride in what is produced and the relationships I have forged with clients and colleagues.
Magic Beans Design & Marketing would not be the success it is if it had not been for the support from all of our loyal customers of the past few decades, moreover the assistance from Susan Vaughn, Simon Jones, Frank Holland, Karl Carter, Paul Trumble, Dawn Bates, Clive Brady, Nicky Rhodes, Elaine Carter, James Duncan, Melissa Worthington and Matthew Newal.

I thank you all